Congestion taxing
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Dear Editor,

The plan to tax cars entering Manhattan below 60th street is nonsense. Congestion in any place is self-adjusting.

Only a limited number of cars can fit in any particular place, and when it becomes uncomfortable people tend to avoid the crowds. So places tend to reach their saturation point, and that point remains the norm.

What will happen is that only the people that can afford the tax will then join other “affordables” and saturate the space to capacity again, creating the same congestion as before. In a city of 8 million people, there are lots of “affordables.”

It is only another excuse to tax and drive people out of the state

Proponents of the plan argue it is necessary to fund the subway.

Who not only benefits, but absolutely depends on the subways? It is the owners of commercial buildings in Manhattan. Without the subways their buildings would be empty and not worth a nickel.

So those owners should be responsible for the operating and maintaining of the subways. As a matter of fact, they should own the subway system.

If they did own the subway system it would run better and be cleaner to boot. It would also probably show a profit, as well.


John Procida

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