Half of New Yorkers down on Cuomo
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Blame failing mass transit, blame upstate financial scandals, blame his own smug attitude...but whatever it is, voters are increasingly dissatisfied with Governor Andrew Cuomo.

A new poll from Siena College shows that 50 percent of New York State voters have an unfavorable view of Cuomo, with just 43 percent approving of the job he is doing.

The poll was a pretty drastic drop for Cuomo, who in the same Siena Poll just last month enjoyed a 51 percent favorable rating, with just 43 percent disapproving of the “job” he has been doing.

The whole “#CuomosMTA” hashtag on Twitter that increasingly placed the blame for the city’s mass transit woes squarely on the governor’s office certainly hasn’t been helping his popularity.

Cuomo flip-flops between saying he is going to handle the crisis (technically, it’s the state’s responsibility, so he is in charge) and blaming Mayor Bill de Blasio for the issues (the city has little to no control over mass transit).

But he also doesn’t help himself with speeches like the one he gave before the Association for a Better New York last week, in which he had a huge laugh at the expense of the MTA, making fun of everyone from the people who keep the station clean to the board (which he mostly controls). We guess that’s what you call “leadership.”

Cuomo was a huge benefactor of a dysfunctional legislature, most notably the State Senate and the former Independent Democratic Conference. All of the attention for state government’s shortcomings were laid at their feet, with the governor getting a free pass.

Now that Democrats control both Senate and Assembly and can seemingly do what they want at will, Cuomo is flailing and lost.

Take two huge pieces of legislation that were stalled for years thanks to Republican control of the State Senate: the Reproductive Health Act and the Child Victims Act, two pieces of legislation wildly unpopular with the Catholic Church, of which Cuomo counts himself a member.

Rather than navigate the inevitable minefield with grace and tact, Cuomo began tossing bombs at church leaders and fanning the flames of what anyone could see was going to be a tense situation.

Cuomo is looking increasingly overwhelmed by his position and the responsibilities of governing.

Now let’s talk about congestion pricing!
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