Vote Teachout for AG
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Dear Editor,

The powers that be in the Democratic Party may not want to talk about the scandals in Albany, but it should be clear to voters headed for the primary polls on Sept. 13 that New York needs an outsider as state attorney general.

Want proof?

"Three men in a room" has long been the description of how New York state is governed - the leaders of the assembly and senate, plus the governor.

Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver and his senate counterpart Dean Skelos have been now convicted twice on bribery charges. The governor has not been implicated, but his top aide (Joe Percoco) has admitted taking $300,000 in bribes. That is pretty close to all three.

Meanwhile, Eric Schneiderman faces multiple charges of battering women he dated while attorney general in Albany; ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner, who almost became mayor, languishes in a federal penitentiary for truly disgusting sexual behavior with minors.

These two make the disgraced Eliot Spitzer (known to his prostitutes as "client 9") look tame. That is three more high-profile pols.

"Honest graft" and "hanky panky" have long been accepted in Albany and other seats of government; that isn't going to change. No such thing as a 100-percent clean or hanky panky-free government, but the episodes cited here go beyond run-of-the-mill political malfeasance.

Five of the six named here are Democrats, but that is not the point. The point is that we have venal and vile people in the highest offices and they are protected by a code of silence.

I don't want to give the impression that I think all pols are crooked and/or perverted, there are good people in government.

I would put Senator Chuck Schumer at the top of the list alongside former mayor Mike Bloomberg. They seem to float above the muck and get the job done. On the local level here in Queens I would include State Senator Tony Avella as also clean and competent.

On state level there is the gadfly Zephyr Teachout, law professor at Fordman and a Democrat who is known to buck the entrenched powers. She seeks the office of attorney general.

We need a new sheriff in Albany and not one out of the Democratic clubhouse. Ms. Teachout is the best choice.

Yours truly,

Peter Rutledge


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