We think we found a traffic pattern
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It appears that Mayor Bill de Blasio and his administration wasn't the first to realize that pedestrians and motorists travel a dangerous road in New York City.

We came across this photo while rooting though our archives, and it appears to be Mayor Rudolph Giuliani outlining his own initiative to make the streets of the city safer.

Given that we appear to be right back where we started with the de Blasio administration's Vision Zero, we're guessing the “Reclaiming the Roads of New York” initiative didn't work too well in the longterm.

The only thing we can see in this photo is “Police Strategy No. 8,” so we're guessing it was a pretty extensive program because it would seem to suggest that there was at the very least police strategies one through seven, if not more.

We are especially enamored with the third benefit under “Increased safety for both pedestrians and motorist,” which promises “Decreased incidents of unnecessary horn blowing.”

Whoever predicted that benefit doesn't know the first thing about New York drivers!

But this predates anyone here on the Pol Position desk, so if anyone out there can shed a little more light on the “Reclaiming the Roads of New York” initiative, drops us a line at polposition@queensledger.com

One interesting thing to note: standing to the right of Giuliani is a young William Bratton in his first stint as NYPD commissioner.

We're sure you all remember that Bratton just retired in September from his second stint as NYPD commissioner under the de Blasio administration.

That means Bratton would have played a pivotal role in both Giuliani's efforts to make the city's streets safer and de Blasio's own Vision Zero initiative.

Things have really come full (traffic) circle here folks.
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