A threat to life in Woodhaven
by Maria Thomson
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here is a threat to Woodhaven that I have been writing and talking about since May of this year, and that is Select Bus Service. The WBID and the GWDC are against this rerouting of Woodhaven Blvd.

Our reasons are that there will no longer be a left turn off Woodhaven Boulevard onto Jamaica Avenue, the elimination of a lane of traffic will cause all bus passengers to stand on the center island on Woodhaven Boulevard in traffic to board buses, and cars and trucks not allowed on Jamaica Avenue will go onto our residential streets.

And these drivers are not there to shop at Jamaica Avenue's small businesses and stores, but to travel on our residential streets to the detriment of the shopping strip. The small children playing on our residential streets, our families and economy will all suffer.

If they embrace this type of bus service in other areas, give it to them, but we do not want it in Woodhaven. That's why we say “no to no left turns.” The WBID, GWDC and Woodhaven Residents' Block Association have formed a coalition to this end, with the support of our elected officials.

In order to assist the Department of Transportation, we have offered solutions to the four issues the department raised to support Select Bus Service on Woodhaven Boulevard:

• Poor visibility under the elevated train. Install strong LED lighting under the elevated train for a block length on the four sides approaching Jamaica Avenue under the elevated train.

• High pedestrian volumes. This can be alleviated by slowing the crossing lights on Jamaica Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard, as well as installing countdown signals.

• Very long crossing distances. Again, see the second solution.

• Dangerous left-hand turns from Woodhaven Boulevard on to Jamaica Avenue. Post signs at least one block prior to Jamaica Avenue cautioning and alerting drivers about upcoming left turns.

An improvements suggested by DOT - a proposed left turn southbound on 86th and 85th roads to Jamaica Avenue - will not work because these are residential blocks, and once the traffic passes Jamaica Avenue it will not come back. Another issue is that Select Bus Service will take parking spots from Woodhaven streets. Woodhaven, do not allow our families' safety and our small business economy to be sacrificed at the altar of bus travel expediency. Sign a petition against the Select Bus Service, write a letter to the mayor, and attend an important meeting that we will be announcing shortly. Together we will not accept this threat to our lives and the life of our economy. Pray for the family of Officer Randolph Holder, who was murdered defending us and our city, and pray that Hurricane Sandy victims will not have to return any FEMA money. May God bless our armed forces, may God bless our disabled veterans, may God bless our NYPD and may God bless our America.

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