Mayor's anti-gun crusdae more poignant than ever
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Mayor Michael Bloomberg is constantly being criticized for turning New York into a “nanny state,” with prohibitions on smoking in public parks and a ban on sugar-filled soft drinks.

Think what you will about those restrictions, but the mayor is right on target with his continued push for greater and stricter gun control, made all the more poignant and immediate with the recent tragedy in Sandy Hook.

Many argue that limiting any freedom is a jab at democracy, however even Bloomberg himself said legislation should not eliminate the right to bear arms, just what arms to bear.

Adam Lanza broke into an elementary school and gunned down 26 people, including 20 children, with a semi-automatic Bushmaster M4 .223 caliber rifle, which contains 30 bullets in a magazine that can be emptied in a matter of seconds.

Legalization must be passed to take a weapon like this out of the hands of citizens. If people need protection from a burglar they need a handgun, if people need to protected from an army of enemy soldiers, they need a Bushmaster M4.

As New York maintains some of the toughest restrictions on guns in the country it became evident with the tragic shooting on Friday that state legislation simply won't cut it anymore. Governor Andrew Cuomo himself noted that it is easy to buy a gun in a state with loose gun restrictions and drive a few hours into any city with that weapon.

That is why Bloomberg has continually called on the president to pass legislation that would limit the guns across the United States. Speaking to the public on Monday, Bloomberg said that he voted for President Obama because, “he believes in rational use of guns in this country.”

Maybe this most recent tragedy will finally be what moves our country in that direction.

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Horace Harding
January 06, 2013
Obama and his twit followers never waste a good crisis or "tragedy." Get rid of Bloomberg and that ninny Cuomo, too.