Scott Decoursey - Musician/Author
by Lisa A. Fraser
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Scott Decoursey is full of creativity. The 23-year-old lifelong Glendale resident is not just dabbling in different fields, he is a soon-to-be published author and already a musician that doesn't belong to one particular genre.

He started playing music 11 years ago and since then has not stopped. First being part of a punk rock band in high school known as the Nullified Minds, he honed in on his guitar skills and now that he's branching out on his own, he mixes rock with electronic and techno beats. It's safe to say his music cannot really be defined by genre, but by the man behind it.

“You can always tell it's made by me. When I sit down I just think what's my feeling, my emotion, I don't go by genre,” he said. Sometimes a concept for one song could result in 10 different versions as he likes to mix it up and try out all his ideas.

“With music, I could express the emotions without the prejudice of words,” he said. “It directly conveys a certain emotion.”

His artist name is Eye Am Nine, a name fashioned out of his interest in numerology. And his love for numbers and science has led him to pursue other ventures.

Decoursey is currently working on a three-book deal with iUniverse, the self-publishing and marketing company. He started working on the science fiction trilogy when he was 12 years old. Now, the first book, The Prophecy of the Book of Destiny is set to be published soon. In it, the main character, Jake Thomas, lives on a planet similar to earth and is on a quest to find out where he comes from and what his path will lead him to.

“It's everything but a love story,” Decoursey said. “It's all about peace, love and accepting who you are and what life is.”

The second book, Idealess Ideology and the third, Infinite Imagination, will be published later.

Though he was inspired to write the story at a young age and continued to develop it in later years, Decoursey isn't too much of the literary type.

“I don't like to read, but I always wanted to write a book,” he said.

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Scott NinEye
November 28, 2015
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January 03, 2013

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steve dave
August 01, 2011
Sounds like a douche
Scott D
August 05, 2012
Jake Thomas and the Book of Destiny will be published this year. For music please go to or search for Ninth Eyed. Thanks.

Peace, Love and Duality,

Ninth Eyed