What is New on Metropolitan Avenue...............
by godfather
 What is New on Metropolitan Avenue
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So much for Politicians/City of New York.....74 street from the Park to Metro has been a road that wears out your tires, springs, and still after two years of work on the streets, the streets has never been repaved. Residents should stop paying their taxes until this is resolved. Besides recently they found out from digging that the water is 4x's greater to have lead in it. Anything done yet? NO!

Now for Metropolitan Avenue-Stores still open. The Palm Reader by 74 street celebrating their 10th  year in business but still has CLOSED sign in their window.

Capital One Bank....closing its doors for good in September 2018

Dermatologist 73-07 Metro closed now for 10 years? Owner/Landlord not on this planet.

Russo & Calabrese Insurance sold their business to other Insurance Broker months ago. Yet store remains closed. 7259 Metro

How about former Bridal Store-73-09 Metro. Empty for three months re-rented two months ago but nobody ever opened? Fines working without permits. How stupid is that. How much money does that Landlord need to loose before waking up?

The old fruit store on 75 street and Metro.......Sold went down hill, then tenants left, then Landlord re-rented but then put it back on the market and now re-rented the store again for a second time.

Dolce Bakery sold to Syrena Bakery and now it is up for sale again? Less than 6 months.

Massage Parlor opened up this year and is still open?

Pizzerias-long hours every day, but they make more money than most college graduates, yet some can not help but chronically complain in front of customers.

MIDDLE VILLAGE-has more young people not working between 22 years of age to 40 years of age. They mostly live with their parents or parent. Imagine no guidance, no retirement plans, just existing day after day. Most do not even own cars, hard to believe. But then again Reality will bite them in the ass one day. Another trend is to have a child with someone and live in the parents home. Sometimes both parents do not work or just the wife works while the dad watches the baby. Hard to believe but times have changed dramatically.  Sometimes the wife works, pays the rent while the boyfriend watches the child.  Question? When will they get a job when they are forty years old, 45 years old? Will they have any social security at all? When you live like you are retired at a young age, you are headed for welfare, food stamps and or placed in a shelter in the future.



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