It doesn't matter what Trump has done to date, he is adored by many
by godfather
 It doesn't matter if Trump committed Treason
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March 12, 2019-Update

Lying is an art and when you are that good many believe what you say. Trump supporters care less if Trump is crooked, committed crimes, lied about his affairs, pay offs/bribes, kickbacks too. It doesn't matter. So 22 staffers that Trump picked were arrested, indicted, and sentenced, so what. So he pats Putin on the Back, Kim from Korea, the Saudi King, and so on. It's good for his business so what.

No matter what more evidence is brought to light by anyone including Mueller, it doesn't matter. So he may pardon Manifort so what it doesn't matter. So he wants to build a wall and take property owners land and houses away just to build a wall, so what.

If you are still a Trump supporter be proud of it. Let everyone you know that you are with Trump 100%. Let your children know, your relatives, your friends and co-workers too. You should be unique like Trump, after all when the Southern District gets done with Trump, his family, his son-in law, you could be the first to start a Go Fund Me Page in your community to add to your complete stupidity as a human being.

Before this is all over, before any beginning Impeachment procedures begin, I do believe strongly that President Trump will suffer a Massive Heart Attack and die.

It is my opinion because of the stress he is bombarded with today, and what his own children will go through tomorrow.


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