You might not want to Just go with it
by Nathan Orians
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Let’s take a moment to sit back and really appreciate Adam Sandler’s amazing career. He has been acting since his break out role as Smitty in The Cosby show in 1987. Aside from two years - 1992 and 1997 - he has made at least one movie or multiple appearances on a show every year, and he isn’t slowing down at all.

This is an amazing career, especially when you consider the man can’t really act and is only kind of funny. Ask yourself when was the last time you really liked a movie Sandler was in? Has it been a while? It doesn’t matter what your answer is: there is no stopping the man.

“Just Go With It” is Sandler’s newest film and it is a true Sandler flick - not that bad, but it’s not very good. The movie is the story of Danny, played by Sandler, who after having his heart broken turns to picking up women in bars for one night stands. His trick is pretending to be married, that way there are no strings attached.

One night he takes off his ring and meets an amazing woman, Palmer played by Brooklyn Decker. Decker can’t act (but that’s not really her fault since she is a swimsuit model) so they don’t give her many lines in the movie, just a lot of slow motion bathing suit scenes. They spend a beautiful night together on the beach in the morning she finds his ring and freaks out.

To calm her down Sandler says he’s getting a divorce, because that’s clearly the best lie someone could come up with in that situation. Decker wants to meet Sandler’s wife so he has his friend, Katherine played by Jennifer Aniston, pretend to be his wife.

As the lie spins more and more out of control, Sandler introduces a fake lover for Aniston, then fake children, and you know the rest.

“Just Go With It” has its funny moments, but maybe it’s passed the point in Sandler’s career where he can devise whole ridiculous plots on his ability to get with hot women. I find myself not wanting to go with it anymore.

Rating: (2.5/5)
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