The spirit of volunteering
by Maria Thomson
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Time has really flown by since January 1. We are now two months into the new year and less than two weeks to Daylight Savings time. If I had my way, we would have it year-round.

When it is lighter later. it makes you feel safer when coming home late from your job and running evening errands, all the while saving on our electric bill. Also, when the time changes, spring is sure to follow.

Every year at this time, I share my article regarding the value of volunteerism. I reprint it here again.

Sometime ago in a letter to the editor, a truly eloquent testament was made to the noblest of unselfish giving: being a volunteer. All of the local community organizations need support and involvement to perpetuate what dedicated individuals have worked for and accomplished over the years. In my case, over a quarter-century, in some cases even more.

When you are a truly committed volunteer you take time from your wives, husbands and families. You postpone trips or vacations and all of your free time is dedicated to community problems and the pursuit of their solutions with other dedicated organization members. You place your community’s needs above your own personal interests.

What these long-standing credible organizations do not need are individuals who get involved for the wrong reasons, some being personal or professional interests, self-aggrandizement or the furthering of their own agendas or careers.

It is truly unfortunate that organizations needing to recruit new members often are blinded by these individuals that initially obscure their selfish goals when they volunteer. Also, due to the dearth in volunteers, altruistic long-standing members are often duped by these new members that use them to their own ends.

Volunteerism should be rewarded, but as a byproduct of volunteering, not as the reason for volunteering. The highest reward must be that you have improved your community and the satisfaction this brings with it.

So when you do volunteer if you choose to do so, and I hope you do choose to do so, do it for the right reasons. These reasons should be to make the organization stronger, to target and pursue the problems in a community, and work to solve them.

When you are revealed as being a self-indulgent and self-promoting individual involved for all the wrong reasons, don’t try to diminish the organization when you leave, for in doing so, you diminish no one but yourself.

To all you potential volunteers, please get involved, but do it with well meaning and good-hearted intent.

We're getting six more police officers at the 102nd Precinct this month, totaling twelve in all. The precinct telephone number is (718) 805-3200.

Please sign the petition against the Select Bus Service for Woodhaven Boulevard. This proposal, if approved will destroy our community. If you can not access the petition at, then call our office and we will mail it to you.

May God bless our armed forces, may God bless our disabled veterans, may God bless our NYPD, and may God bless our America.

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