Summer's over, school's open, so slow down
by Ed Wendell
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For our local students, this week presents the best of times and the worst of times.

The last days of summer, when sitting out on the porch a little late was a treat that we knew wouldn’t last much longer. Those mornings, waking up a bit late, waiting around for your friends to come out and play.

Maybe you played tag or Skelly (or did you call it Skully or even Bottlecaps). Or one of a few dozen street games that you knew as a kid, games that sadly seem to have been lost to time.

During the summer, one day was no different than the next. Mondays were no different than Fridays, and every day was a holiday.

At the beginning of summer it feels like you’re going to be off forever. But throughout July and August, you become dimly aware that the days of summer are dwindling down.

But it wasn’t until the last week that the realization set in that summer was over and school was right around the corner.

And then the dreaded First Day of School arrived. The night before was a mixture of disappointment that summer was over and excitement to see the school pals that you hadn’t seen in months.

And then the Monday-to-Friday routine started over again. The carefree days of summer replaced with worries about homework and assignments and getting up and out of the house on time.

The days of waking up late and sitting around or playing with friends were over. Now you had to get up and catch the bus or walk to school in the cold and the rain and, soon enough, the snow.

And so, to all our local school kids we wish you the very best in the upcoming school year.

And to our adults in the neighborhood, we remind you that kids will be out on the streets again, traveling to and from our local schools.

Be mindful of them when driving through our neighborhood. Be extra cautious at each intersection, whether it’s on a school block or not. We have kids living all over the neighborhood and they’ll soon be crossing all of our streets.

Last May, the students of P.S. 97 worked with the Department of Transportation to create signs that are hanging throughout the neighborhood with a simple message: look at me, I’m here.

So to all our drivers, please just be a little more patient and a lot more aware of your surroundings. Drive a little bit slower, you’ll still get to where you’re going, just a minute or two later. But that minute or two could mean a world of difference.

That minute of two could save a life.

And so, with summer coming to a close we will start to see things getting back to normal around here.

The Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society will be kicking off its fall season with a meeting next Tuesday, September 4, at the Avenue Diner at 91-06 Jamaica Avenue. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. and is open to everyone.

This month we’ll be talking about growing up in Woodhaven and sharing our childhood memories. We want to hear about the games that you played as a kid on the streets of Woodhaven, and we want to hear about the schools that you went to and your old teachers.

So come out and celebrate the end of summer with a fun night of reminiscing and sharing your memories with fellow residents of Woodhaven. It will be good to get back to normal again.

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