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by joshualeding
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With both scientific and artistic essay writing, a message is being expressed. In one case the message is very direct and determined, while in the other, the message must be sought after and discovered. Although scientific and artistic writing may seem to be on opposite sides of the spectrum, one could not exist without the other. Artistic writing, like scientific writing must have a meaning, however deeply disguised it may be. Scientific writing, although objective, takes some creativity to easily display the message.


When writing a term paper, the author must find a balance between scientific and artistic writing. The message of the writing must be extractable by the reader, but must also be enjoyable. All kinds of writing share two important characteristics: they result from deeply personal, natural thought processes, and they take on widely public, conventional forms. Although scientific writing and artistic writing can be seen as opposites, they compliment each other to the point that one could not exist without the other.

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