Red Riding Hood is not so big and bad
by Nathan Orians
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This weekend I went and saw “Twilight.” No, sorry, that’s not right. This weekend I went and saw “Red Riding Hood.” Confusing the two movies is an understandable mistake considering that the same woman, Catherine Hardwicke, directed both of the movies. And both films feature actor Billy Burke as a father figure.

Other than that the movies are very different. Well that’s not quite true… Both movies have werewolves, a love triangle between angst-ridden teenagers and have uninteresting scripts. In fact they are more or less the same movie except that “Red Riding Hood” didn’t do as well in the box office on its opening weekend.

“Red Riding Hood” is a new version of the old fairy tale. A small town in fairy tale woods is plagued by the attacks of a werewolf each full moon.

In the first 20 minutes we are introduced to the main village characters, the love plot, and a murder. Ordinarily this would be an interesting set up, but honestly I found myself not caring about what happened due to the poorly developed characters.

Red Riding Hood is Valerie, played by Amanda Seyfried, a young woman at the center of the love triangle and the werewolf’s desires. A priest/ werewolf hunter, played by Gary Oldman, warns the town’s folk that the wolf could be anyone one of them, family, friend, or neighbor. The movie drags you through innumerable twists, teases, and red herrings, and by the time the identity of the wolf was actually revealed it no longer seemed important.

The set design makes you wonder if the creator ever actually set foot in the woods or saw a cabin not made of Lincoln logs.When I went to see “Red Riding Hood” it was pretty clearly middle school date night. If you’re not a preteen or teenage girl trying to decide between two boys – the cute caring sensitive one or the sexy bad boy, this movie is probably not for you.

Rating: (1/5)
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