Lacking intelligence
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Dear Editor,

The intelligence leaders of our nation testified as to their joint opinion of the threats confronting the nation. Their testimony was in stark contrast to that stated by President Donald Trump.

This difference of threat assessment is not new, as the president has opinions that are in conflict with those held by the experts.

Trump has attacked or sought to dismantle 70 years of foreign policies that guided the nation in winning the Cold War and solidifying our alliances. Those alliances have added weight and respect to our national standing in that we had the world supporting our objectives.

Currently NATO and our allies of long standing are determining courses that negate U.S. participation or leadership.

Isis remains a horrific threat and Syria is a tinderbox that could explode into a regional and proxy war, with Russia pulling the strings to expand its reach and threat to the U.S.

Iraq is enraged by the contention that U.S. troops will remain as a means to restrain Iran. North Korea has not given up nuclear weapons or long-range missiles.

Iran is a point of anger for Trump and his National Security Adviser. All nations, but for the U.S. under Trump, acknowledge that the Iran deal restricting nuclear weapons development is working.

When the president refuses to accept the realities of the national threat assessment from the very experts he appointed, one must question the rational.

It would appear that Trump is determined to find cause to attack Iran while ceding to Russia power and influence it could not have gained on its own.


Ed Horn

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