Is Cuomo high?
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Dear Editor,

Marijuana possessed and smoked in public for recreation is neither safe for driving nor for secondhand smoke exposure for non-users. Further, cannabis is not a safe drug for general private recreational use, in view of the body of toxicological effects.

Marijuana impairs a person’s ability to drive an automobile safely. Plus, nearly 50 percent of regular marijuana users drink while using marijuana, which causes an additive deterioration in driving ability.

In terms of pulmonary effects, the toxic chemical components of both marijuana and tobacco smoke are similar, with ammonia, benzene, toluene, and naphthalene levels in marijuana exceeding those in tobacco smoke.

Research has shown evidence of bronchial irritation, inflammation and narrowing, reduced macrophage and ciliary cleansing mechanisms, and emphysema.

Further, as with alcohol, marijuana is associated with immunosuppression on spleen cells and lymphocytes, rendering persons susceptible to infectious diseases and cancer. The whole problem of the deleterious effects of secondhand smoke is thus widened with public marijuana smoking.

The argument to decriminalize marijuana, and basically legalize pot smoking de facto, on the grounds of its commonality with alcohol and tobacco is absolutely irrational in view of the damning evidence of the latter products upon users and non-users in one way or another, from impaired health to social costs to the family and economy.

If anything, the most logical conclusion is to ban alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana, not to legalize toxins.

The bottom line, as Governor Andrew Cuomo stated, is tax revenue from a legal marijuana industry. What has Cuomo been smoking to impair his cognitive functioning?


Joseph Manago

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