Immigration reality
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Dear Editor,

For months, the main stream media has tried to convince us how there is absolutely no crisis on the Mexican border, and you must be some kind of white nationalist racist to think otherwise.

The ramifications are formidable and worrisome, because as of today we have no idea how many immigrants live illegally in the United States. Shouldn't we find out before we make more plans?

To the Democrats and advocates of open borders, everything is a moral question, and if you agree with them you are virtuous, and if you don't you're a monster. There can be no compromise so policy debates are pointless.

It is time for sober Democrats to come to their senses and rejoin the adult conversation with intellectual honesty. What do we want from our immigration system? There are some questions they should have to answer when that happens.

How many immigrants should we admit every year? What sort of government services are immigrants entitled to? Do all of them get citizenship and voting rights?

How many immigrants can our system support? Do we have enough schools and teachers, doctors, nurses and hospitals to treat the number of immigrants we want to admit?

Previous waves of immigrants were asked to buy into this country's most basic ideals. We called it assimilation. We thought it was critical to our social cohesion. Are we still for that?


Ed Konecnik

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