Are you watching the watchers?
by John Rafferty
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Who are you entrusting to watch the people that matter most to you? A babysitter, home aide or a nursing home?

Every day we see a new story on child abuse, elderly abuse, neglect, endangerment and many times much worse. Many families are forced with the decision of choosing someone to watch their children or elderly parents at some point of their lives.

Unfortunately, many people just choose without doing their due diligence. There are certain simple guidelines that we would recommend to make a more intelligent decision when choosing someone to come into your home to care for your loved ones.

To start, go online and research the company, the service or person. Look for reviews, news articles and information pertaining to your selection. Next, interview the person or business that you intend on utilizing. Ask questions about their background, experience and any information that you may have found online.

Request copies of any credentials that they claim to have and always get a copy of their identification. A background check is always recommended, however, prior authorization is needed with a signed consent form by the applicant. Any private investigation company can do this.

Regarding home aides, contact the company and ask about its screening and hiring process. You may be surprised.

Next, do unannounced visits back to the residence to see what they are doing when they are not expecting you, but also to give them the feeling that you may stop in at any time.

Finally, in this modern world consider using a hidden camera. Set it up in a place that blends in with the location and review it as soon as possible. Often times you can set up a hidden camera on your own, but we recommend using a professional service. Why would you not want to see how your loved ones are being treated?

Furthermore, the video may reveal something else that you might be unaware of. So take these simple steps and follow them to ensure that your loved ones are being cared for and that you took some due diligence in ensuring their safety.

If you do not look out for the best interest of your children or elderly relative who will? You are the parent, the family member and loved one. You are responsible. If a caregiver can’t understand why you want to ensure the safety of your loved one, then they are not the right person for the job.

John Rafferty is a retired NYPD lieutenant. He formed Watch Guard 24/7, a private investigation and security company, in 2009.
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