A helpful white lie
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Dear Editor:

While I agree that the American people should be angry for being lied to about Obamacare, the reason was a good one and the end result was a huge positive. Unlike when the Bush administration lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that cost the lives of thousands of young Americans.

Do you know why Jonathan Gruber said Americans had to be lied to in order to pass Obamacare? Because some Americans are stupid and don't know what's good for them. It's like hiding a pill in a dog's snack to give it the medicine it needs.

The reason republicans oppose Obamacare is because insurance companies told them to. Why? Because if there’s one thing insurance companies (and Republicans) hate, it’s an actual free market with actual competition. The reason is simple: real competition is better for consumers and worse for corporate profits.

A prime example of this is Obamacare. It allows consumers to compare insurance plans in an open and direct way, practically a death sentence for price gouging. All this competition will make it clear to everyone just how much the health insurance industry has been abusing Americans for decades.


Robert LaRosa


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