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Let Junk Pros do the Dirty Work


When you pay for our junk hauling service, you never have to worry about anything else. We will haul away trash, appliances, furniture, scrap metal, renovation debris, yard waste, and even your old piano.

Upfront pricing means there are never any unexpected expenses. Our junk removal crews also make sure that your indoor or outdoor spaces are completely cleaned before your junk is hauled away.

All of your junk and trash will be responsibly handled. Our junk removal crews separate materials for recycling whenever possible.

Contact us today to have a junk hauling crew sent out to your home, retail location, construction site, or place of business.

Our junk hauling pros can make your trash disappear

  • We will haul away just about anything from your home or business.
  • Our junk removal service is an affordable alternative to dumpster rental.
  • We don’t just haul your junk away, we also make sure to leave your space spotlessly clean.
  • Our uniformed junk removal crews are professional and courteous.
  • Call Junk Pros today for all of your residential and commercial junk hauling needs.

 Whether you have a pile of yard waste sitting in your driveway or an old washer and dryer that need to be hauled away, Junk Pros will handle the job quickly and affordably. For an estimate on what it will cost to haul away your trash, use our handy Junk Calculator. For pricing on removal of appliances, paint, pianos, and other specialty items, see below.

I’m looking for junk removal near me. Who should I call?


Junk Pros is a professional trash pickup and removal service working in the Seattle area. When you contact us for service, we promptly send one of our junk removal crews to your location. We will provide you with an upfront price quote based on the scope of the job and the items you need hauled away.

When our junk hauling crew arrives at your home, construction site, or place of business, they will load everything into one of our custom trucks to haul it away. Our professional crews look the part. They are ready to work. When everything is loaded up, the crew will make sure your space is clean. They will rake outdoor areas, sweep indoor spaces, and even spray down concrete surfaces if you can supply the water.

You do not have to do anything other than show our trash removal crew where to work. They will handle every detail from start to finish. You call our office, and the job gets done. Not only does this take the hassle out of dealing with junk and trash, but it also eliminates the need to maintain an unsightly dumpster on your property.

Keep in mind that no job is too large or too small for our junk removal crews. Whether you need debris from a home remodeling job hauled away, or you purchased a new refrigerator and you need the old one removed from your property, we will get it done.

How much will it cost to haul away my trash?


The benefits of using our straightforward and simple upfront pricing include:

  • Fully customized price quotes – You only pay for what we haul away.
  • No obligation upfront pricing – If you don’t like the price, you aren’t obligated to accept it.
  • Full service care – We can haul away just about anything you want to get rid of.
  • Fair pricing – Our rates are affordable and competitive.
  • Onsite payment – Simply pay our junk removal crew while they’re onsite. 

Give us a call, and schedule your personalized onsite quote today. Also, be sure to ask about our discounts for active duty military personnel, veterans of the Armed Forces, and seniors.

There are a few different methods we use to determine job pricing. Our handy Junk Calculator allows you to enter the length, width, and height of your junk pile into the corresponding fields, providing you with a reliable estimate to haul everything away. We call this our “Volume Rate.”

You can also give us a call and one of our trash pick up specialists can provide you with an initial estimate. When we send a junk hauling crew to your location, they will provide you with a no obligation, in person price quote.

We also calculate junk removal by the bed load. This is usually how we calculate costs for hauling away items like tile, rock, dirt, sod, compost, concrete, brick, or roofing shingles. A full bed load is 4 yards, which costs a total of $480.00. Smaller loads are priced accordingly. Take a look at our bed load junk removal pricing table to get an idea of what it will cost to haul away your unwanted trash and junk.

Hauling away specialty items


Our flat rate, upfront pricing is good for most trash and junk, but there are certain items that require an additional charge. What follows is a breakdown of these items.

  • Freezers and refrigerators – Because these household appliances are filled with dangerous Freon gas, extra care must be taken when disposing of refrigerators and freezers. Removing Freon takes time, and there are regulations in place to prevent the gas from escaping into the atmosphere, where it can deplete ozone. The surcharge for refrigerator and freezer removal is $35 in addition to your junk hauling total.
  • Tires – Many people aren’t aware that tires are recyclable, but there are expenses associated with this process. There are also limitations to the number of tires we can haul to transfer stations at any one time, so prices only apply to loads of more than 4 tires. The surcharge for tire removal is $10 in addition to your junk removal total.
  • Latex paint disposal – Latex paint cannot be recycled, so we must dispose of it properly. This means the paint must be fully dried out. If you let your cans of latex paint dry out before we pick them up, the surcharge will be waived. Otherwise the fee for latex paint removal is $10 per gallon, in addition to your junk hauling total.
  • Piano removal – Pianos are heavy, so we have to charge an additional amount on top of our regular trash removal fees. Still, at only $50 per piano, this is an affordable way to get rid of an unwanted piano.
  • Railroad ties – These objects are usually soaked with creosote and other harmful chemicals, which requires that they be disposed of properly. The fee for railroad tie removal is $30 per tie, in addition to your junk removal total.
  • Fluorescent lights – These items contain mercury, which is a hazardous, heavy metal that requires special handling. Because fluorescent lights come in all sorts of sizes, disposal charges are based on the total number of linear feet. We charge 30 cents per linear foot for fluorescent light removal, in addition to your trash removal total.

There are a few things we simply cannot haul away. These include:

  • Hazardous waste like fuel, oil, aerosol cans, oil based paint, chemicals, and cleaners
  • Animal or human manure or excrement
  • Tanks including fuel, propane, oil, or oxygen tanks
  • Sealed drums or drums that have ever been used to contain hazardous waste

If you have any questions about any of these items, be sure to give us a call and get more detailed information.

We will responsibly dispose of your unwanted trash and junk


When our crew hauls away your trash and other unwanted items, they always strive to ensure that it’s disposed of responsibly. Items like fluorescent lights and railroad ties contain hazardous chemicals that demand special attention. We also fully separate each load so that anything recyclable can be routed away from the landfill.

Professional Junk Hauling Service


We are also careful to monitor the volume of trash we collect and fully report where it goes. Our commitment to responsible environmental performance ensures that our Seattle communities stay vibrant and healthy.

Special services for our business and commercial customers


We proudly work with a variety of commercial and government entities in the Seattle area and recognize that they often have special junk removal needs. Our junk hauling specialists can come to your location anytime for a one-off trash removal job, but we offer more comprehensive services for contractors, businesses, and other commercial clients.

What follows are just some of the services we offer commercial customers: 

  • Monthly business account invoicing
  • Emergency Storm Cleanup 
  • Bulk service discounts for customers requiring recurrent trash removal
  • Professional workers, who are fully insured
  • Same day, weekend, and off-hours service
  • Environmentally responsible disposal that help maintain your business standards
  • For Real Estate Companies we can prepare homes and offices for pre-sale
  • For Rental Properties we can clean up after tenants, prep properties for leasing. (Or something along these lines)
  • Light and Moderate Demolition Services
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Yard Waste / Chipping Services
  • Storage Unit Cleanout

 Our trash pickup specialists can handle all highly specialized commercial jobs including: 

  • Office building clean outs
  • ATM removal
  • Removal of retail merchandise
  • Contractor job site cleanup

Getting the most out of your trash removal budget


If you would like to get the most value from your junk removal budget, there are a few steps you can take to keep costs to a minimum. What follows are some helpful tips we prepared just for this purpose:

Hire to us to haul all of your junk and trash away at one time. Rather than break up your junk disposal into multiple trips, just have us pick up everything at once. This can help you save money whether you’re renovating a room in your home or working on a major landscaping project.

Depending on the size of the job, we may also be able to extend certain trash removal discounts.

Talk to your neighbors about going in on multi-family trash removal. By working with neighbors who probably also have some junk and trash they want to get rid of, you will benefit from the savings that come from larger volume trash removal.

If you own a retail space adjacent to other business, you should ask them whether they would like to partner on a trash removal endeavor.


Crush your trash and junk when possible. If you’re able to break down any items in a way that allows them to fit flatter in our trash removal trucks, it will save you money. This is especially true with cardboard boxes and trash.

Get the most out of your current garbage disposal. If you’re already paying for garbage service at your home or place of business, you should stuff as much into the trash and recycling bins as possible. While we certainly want your business, we also want you save as much money as possible by the getting the most cost benefit for services you’re already paying for.

Contact us today and schedule a time for your junk and trash removal


If you have junk you want to get rid of, put your trust in our professional trash removal crews. Contact us today so that we can swiftly address your needs.

Full Service Junk Removal


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