the Will of God 1
by greenflying
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The Brahmin Sunnyasi, the Buddhist Fakir, the Jewish Essene, the Peruvian Mama9onas of the Sun, football jerseys the Arab Dervish, all sought their own beatitude, Niwane, Paradise, not any benefit to their fellows. Not till the Crusades called forth the Religieuses Hospitalises and the nuns of the Holy Trinity contemporaneously with the chivalric orders of men, was there any monastic order devoted to the purposes of charity. And to the present day, among the ostensibly charitable orders the ascetic spirit is never wholly absent. On this we shall have more to say hereafter. At present, all we desire is to call attention to the fact that monastic institutions were not primarily founded on philanthropy (as Pro-testants often imagine), but on the wholly opposite principle of asceticism. Whether this original prin-ciple can ever be eliminated from the New York Giants Jerseys system is an open question. The experience of the existing Pro-testant convents looks the other way.

To understand the importance of this distinction of principles on which we desire to insist, a few words must be said regarding asceticism generally, and the reasons Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys will then be manifest why we so urgently deprecate its intervention in English philanthropy. Asceticism is logically founded on the doctrine of two moralities, an exoteric morality for the multitude, consisting of adherence to the eternal moral law, and an throwback jerseys esoteric morality for those who aspire to special sanctity, consisting of self-denial in things lawful, and. Cleveland Browns Jerseys supererogatory Cleveland Browns Jerseys " works" over and above the demands of the law. The doctrine that any such double morality exists, is in itself false and baneful in the highest degree. The eternal and immutable moral law of the universe, which is identical with the Will of God, demands of every moral agent the very best and highest action and sentiment possible in each particular case. No better or higher can exist, for the moment any one is apprehended to be so, it becomes imperative duty. It is to degrade the law of absolute right, absolute truth, absolute purity, to suppose a higher right, or truth, or purity. This is the theoretical error New England Patriots Jerseys of asceticism. Practically it has two aspects, the religious and the moral. On the religious side it assumes such supererogatory works and mortifications to be especially pleasing to God. Our Maker, it is supposed, demands of all men justice and truth, and to refrain from murder, adultery, and the like. But he who would really please God and prove his devotion to Him, must NFL jerseys go beyond such moral duties, and give God something—his own life, or that of his children, his cattle, or his gold. In early times and barbarous countries, where God was believed to be a cruel and sanguinary Being, it natu-rally followed that the more cruel 'were the sacrifice, the more pleasing it was supposed to be in His sight. Here was the origin of the bloody rites of Moloch and Juggernaut, and of the self-tortures of the priests of Baal and the New Orlean Saints jerseys Flagellants. In later Minnesota Vikings jerseys and milder creeds the sacrifice was mitigated, and the nun of our day San Diego Chargers Jerseys sacrifices her affections, the Jesuit his free will. One and all give to the Lord of Goodness oblations which are abominations in His sight.

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