MTA Q11 Hamilton Beach service change
by ROGER Gendron
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At May’s Community Board 10 meeting, The MTA announced that effective this July the Q11 bus that services Hamilton Beach will stop at 9:00 pm. After letters from CB10, Sen. Addabbo’s office, Eric Ulrich’s office and the New Hamilton Beach Civic, all telling the MTA this is totally unacceptable, they changed the cutoff time to 10:00 pm. We tried to explain to them that with summer upon us, many of our non-driving teens and adults work at Resorts World or Queens Center Mall. Resorts World is a 24 hour operation and most stores in Queens Center Mall are open until 10:00 pm. The MTA’s answer was for them to take the Q11 Howard Beach bus and to either walk the boardwalk or walk over the pedestrian bridge that crosses over Hawtree Creek from 99th Street. I know that I wouldn’t want to use either of those at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. They’re under lit and desolate. Another problem with both of these entrances into Hamilton Beach, as many in Hamilton Beach know all to well, is the flooding that occurs during new and full moon high tides and during some storms. Just this past week, the foot of the pedestrian bridge (between Davenport Court and Rau Court) was flooded with a foot of water until 3:30 am. The same was true for the corner of First Street and 104th Street, which would mean that someone walking would have to wade through the flood waters to get home.

Suggestions were made to the MTA about having the Q11 make one loop during the overnight hours. It could make it regular run through Howard Beach but make a left onto 102nd Street and come into Hamilton Beach. It would add less then 5 minutes to that run. The walk from the pedestrian bridge or the train station to the end of the 165th Ave. in Hamilton Beach is nearly 1 mile. I don’t understand how this is acceptable by the MTA. In a statement from James Harding, the Vice President of Intergovernmental and Community Affairs, the MTA “will continue to monitor ridership on this branch to determine if future adjustments are warranted.” Can someone please explain to the residents of Hamilton Beach how can they “monitor ridership” if there are no buses for people to ride in. That’s like trying to count the stars in the sky during daylight hours.

The residents feel that this just another slap in the face to all of us in Hamilton Beach. We have been trying for years (too many to count) to have the flooding issue addresses…nothing. We have asked Maura McCarthy , Queens Borough Commissioner for DOT, repeatedly to have 104th Street paved but were told that it would not happen because 104th Street is a capital project but it doesn’t have a start date. We’ve asked the Dept of Sanitation to replace the metal trash cans that are missing.. .again we were told no. The list goes on and on. Public transportation is vital to Hamilton Beach. As vital as all of the other city services. What’s next? Sanitation is only going to make one pick-up a week instead of two because there isn’t enough garbage. The residents of Hamilton Beach pay taxes like everyone else in this city. I see sign everywhere saying “ your taxes hard at work”. Funny…I’ve never seen those signs in Hamilton Beach. We urge the MTA to keep the busses running into Hamilton Beach.

Roger Gendron


New Hamilton Beach Civic

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